Finest potatoes in Kent

Welcome to The Potato Shop. As the name suggests we grow and sell potatoes here in the picturesque town of Tenterden, Kent.
Not just any old potatoes though…
We grow at least twenty varieties per year on 35 acres of arable land on the beautiful Morghew Park Estate.
If you are looking for exotic, heritage or conventional potatoes we have just the variety for you. Have you tried our purple Vitelotte potatoes? They are amazing, purple inside and out, tasty too.
We also grow, Pink Fir AppleYukon Gold, Red King Edward, Nicola and Wilja, to name a few.
The best news is that you can now buy our potatoes from our online potato shop.
Alternatively, if you live locally pop over and see us at Morghew Park Estate – we have an honesty stall on the estate. Here, you can buy our more conventional varieties as well as our wide range of heritage and exotic potatoes.
Choose your potatoes, place your payment in one of the envelopes we provide and put it in the letterbox. If you need any advice or change we are usually around somewhere. Just yell and we will hear you!
Weekly deliveries are also possible in Kent and Sussex – we regularly deliver to gourmet restaurants, pubs, schools and farm shops in the region.
Contact us to find out if and when we are in your area.
You can also find us at several Farmer’s Markets with a wide selection of our marvellous Morghew potatoes. Pre order your potatoes for collection at the markets so you don’t miss out.